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The journey of the thousand miles begins with a step, and to develop our present, we must set a clear vision for our future, keeping in mind the values ​​and principles on which we grew up, and which created our great family (the family of Ahmad Al Ameri Exchange and Remittances). ..

We apply the latest administrative systems in the management of systems, looking to reach the best at all levels, system and management and spread, bearing in mind the values ​​and principles that we have developed on them, investment in human development is the cornerstone of business success and continuity.

Our vision of success is to measure the satisfaction of our customers and meet their expectations and needs. We continue to strive to improve our performance, find the best, and look for new opportunities to increase our activities.

Therefore, I pray to Almighty God that Ahmed Al Ameri Exchange and Remittances Company continues its march and contribute to the prosperity of our national economy and to the development of our children and our future society.