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Our vision:
To be a leader in the banking sector by improving the performance of financial and banking transactions.

Our Mission:
Providing high quality banking and financial services.

Our Values:
Sincerity in Action:
Every customer of Ahmed Al Ameri deserves the highest level of service and facilities available.

Real possibilities give the company the ability and credibility to provide the best services

Transform ambitions into reality through advanced services and high performance.

The development of banking services to keep up with the times and provide a positive experience for customers.

Islamic Services:
Excellence in the field of Islamic banking and beyond and adherence to the provisions of Islamic Sharia in all our transactions and financial services banking.

Our Goals:

  • Facilitating financial transactions in the banking sector.
  • Maintaining the local currency.
  • Facilitating operations and commercial transactions at home and abroad.
  • Satisfaction of all our customers by strengthening and expanding the spread of service points in cities and rural areas and expanding our network of branches, offices and agents.
  • Attract high caliber cadres to achieve the company's objectives.
  • Applying the best training and training programs for human cadres to meet the company's current and future needs.
  • Develop and develop the organizational organizational structures of the company in line with the company's development.
  • Cooperation in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.